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The Centre d’expertise et de services en polyhandicap (CESP)

When Diane Chênevert and her partners founded Centre Philou in 2005, they were driven by a vision of improving the quality of life for families of children with polyimpairment. Since 2017, the Philou LAB has been developing resources and services for the polyimpaired clientele while raising awareness of polyimpairment through

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Zohal – unparalleled dedication

Zohal has been working at Centre Philou for over five years and is now Coordinator of the Garderie and École Philou. A rare gem, Zohal is not your average employee. 2010 Indeed, her story with Centre Philou began over 13 years ago, before she even knew it existed. Following a

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Creating a bond

« Si on accepte qu’une personne soit un tout, c’est tout entière qu’elle doit être objet de considération, avec ses forces, mais aussi avec ses faiblesses et ses échecs. » -Gilles Gendreau At first sight, establishing a bond of trust with a polyimpaired person may seem a laborious process. Nonverbality,

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Polyimpairment – between invisibility and humanity

“Something would be missing in our humanity if it gave up risking the bond with people with polyimpairment.” -Antoine Cavalié Polyimpairment is a condition that is often overlooked or misunderstood by the vast majority of people Understanding and describing polyimpairment can be a complex task, especially since no institutionalized definition

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Au nom des familles et de leurs enfants, au nom de de toute l’équipe qui travaille avec amour et ardeur au Centre Philou, nous vous remercions du fond du coeur de croire en nous, de nous donner le courage et l’énergie de continuer à grandir.


On behalf of the families and their children, on behalf of all the team members who work with love and ardor at Centre Philou, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for believing in us, for giving us the courage and energy to continue to grow.