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Specialized Daycare

While it is true that every child who is different and in need of special care has the right to be included, we believe that “inclusion begins with being healthy and at the best of their potential” Dr. Marie Laberge, Physiatre, CHU Ste-Justine.

The Approach

Our educational program is different, as are the children who attend and the people who work there. It offers a warm living environment and an environment geared towards the needs of each child. Our program is the result of the efforts of a team made up of passionate, sensitive, dedicated people who want to create a place through which children will be able to increase their level of autonomy. For nearly 10 years, Centre Philou has developed an expertise in early stimulation for young children with disabilities. Having initially existed in the form of an intensive stimulation program, the Philou Approach was adapted to create the ultra-specialized daycare that parents long wanted. The Philou Approach is aligned and is in line with the basic principles of Quebec’s Early Childhood Care educational program, to which are added ultra-specialized services.

Philou daycare is:

Admission Criterias

The age is 18 months to 5 years.

Children must be admitted to the SEHNSE (Support for disabled children in need of exceptional care) or have a medical certificate attesting to the severe condition (provided by Centre Philou).

The child must have an overall developmental delay including a significant motor delay. 

Admission is subject to a visit and evaluation by Centre Philou

May include medical condition (epilepsy, gavage, etc.)


A $65 day fee is applicable. A child care expense tax credit is applicable.  Physio and ergo can be reimbursed by private insurance.


Au nom des familles et de leurs enfants, au nom de de toute l’équipe qui travaille avec amour et ardeur au Centre Philou, nous vous remercions du fond du coeur de croire en nous, de nous donner le courage et l’énergie de continuer à grandir.


On behalf of the families and their children, on behalf of all the team members who work with love and ardor at Centre Philou, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for believing in us, for giving us the courage and energy to continue to grow.