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Fondation Centre Philou

Created in 2015, Fondation Centre Philou is independent of Centre Philou and its day-to-day activities. The Foundation distributes funds to Centre Philou according to growth, operations and management priorities. The first project to be financed was the acquisition of a new building.

──── Major Projects

Fondation Centre Philou has initiated several large-scale projects that, thanks to our donors, transform and shape the daily lives of the young people with multiple disabilities who attend the Centre. Here are a few of them:

Snoezelen, a world to discover

The multi-sensory room has been completely renovated with some of the most modern equipment in Quebec. Thanks to a donation from the Montreal Real Estate Foundation for Youth, the Centre Philou offers the benefits of the Snoezelen approach.

Combined, the Dutch words “to feel” and “to sleep” give Snoezelen, a non-directive and empathetic approach that allows total sensory exploration. The fun, relaxing and safe environment of the sensory room is an opportunity for children to explore a new autonomy considering that they are totally dependent on others on a daily basis. In addition to being beneficial to cognitive and motor development, the Snoezelen approach helps to strengthen the bond of trust between the young person and his or her caregiver.


Au nom des familles et de leurs enfants, au nom de de toute l’équipe qui travaille avec amour et ardeur au Centre Philou, nous vous remercions du fond du coeur de croire en nous, de nous donner le courage et l’énergie de continuer à grandir.


On behalf of the families and their children, on behalf of all the team members who work with love and ardor at Centre Philou, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for believing in us, for giving us the courage and energy to continue to grow.